Use Correct Birth Data




Enter your full name exactly as it is listed on your birth certificate, even if it is not the name used now. Do not include spaces, other characters, or extensions such as Jr, III, etc.


When to include your middle name: If you have a middle name, it should always be included even if you have never used it. If you don’t have a middle name, simply leave that field blank.


If you have more than one first, middle, or last name: Enter each name listed on your birth certificate in the appropriate fields – you can enter more than one name.


Religious or spiritual names: If you received an additional name that was not originally included in the full name at birth, for example, through baptism, it should not be used for your numerology report.


Adoption: In the case of adoption, use the first known name, whether given by the biological parents or the adoptive parents, even if that name was only used for a few days or weeks. Generally, in case of doubt, use the name given by the biological parents. Do not use generic names such as Jane Doe.


Foreign Names: Use only names that use the 26 letters of the English alphabet. If your original birth name is in non-English characters, but you also have an English version, you can use that.



Enter the first and last name you currently use when introducing yourself in social settings. If you are known by a nickname and this is the way you introduce yourself, enter the nickname in the first name box.


Middle names: Do not include your middle name unless you ALWAYS use it when introducing yourself. In cases like Lee Ann or Mary Ann, enter the second name in the middle name box. (Lee Ann Baker, for example, would put Lee in the first name box, Ann in the middle name box, and Baker in the last name box.


Nicknames/business names: Do not use your business or pen name unless you use it socially. If you consistently use a nickname as your first name, even if it is not considered a “real” name, use that. When in doubt, ask yourself what you would say if someone woke you abruptly from a deep sleep and asked your name.



Use the date on your birth certificate. In case of doubt due to lost paperwork or adoption, use your best guess, but the report may not be accurate.