How It Works…

You're in Control. Always!


Your web page offering our numerology reports is like any other page. You own it; you control it. The few lines of code we will send you creates a window your visitors can access to purchase reports – they never leave your site (see an example). The reports have your website URL on the covers.

Your Sale - Your Customer!


Once your customer has selected reports for purchase, they are directed to the next step, adding their birth data and email address. They can request the report to be send to more than one email address. They can order multiple reports and send them to different addresses as gifts.

Excellent Customer Support


There is ample opportunity to delete, add, or edit purchases. We maintain a database that allows your customer to get the report resent up to 30 days later.  Customer support is our responsibility.

We will never contact your customers, except for customer support.

Secure Payment System.


Payment is quick and user-friendly.

Storing personal payment data is optional and secure.

Fast Delivery of the Report!


The report is delivered in PDF and accompanied by an email showing your website as the source.

Sign up & Get Started


When you sign up, you receive an email with the code and directions. If you have questions, just contact us.

Try it. It's free. If you don't like it, just delete our bit of code.


Learn more about Sales Reports and Commissions or click here to view a sales window.