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The Numerologist behind Sell Numerology Reports

Hans Decoz is a world-renowned numerologist with 50 years’ experience. Numerology has been his life’s work since 1969 as writer, advisor, teacher, and best-selling numerology software developer.


Hans was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1949. Art and math were his early interests – as they continue to be today. In 1969, looking for a book on mathematics in a secondhand bookshop, Hans noticed a worn book on the Science of Numerology and was immediately intrigued. He studied the subject extensively during the following years, using it to better understand his friends and interpret events on the universal and personal plane.


In 1980, after years of study and travel, Decoz began practicing numerology professionally, conveying his deep understanding of the science. Hans is a published author on numerology and creator of the leading numerology software for Professionals and the World Numerology App for individual users. He is also a ceramics artist.


In demand internationally, Hans continues his work to facilitate distinctly personal introspection to each individual seeking self-knowledge and growth.

Master Numerologist Hans Decoz

Numerologist Hans Decoz developed and designed the numerology reports offered by Sell Numerology Reports

Hans Decoz has been involved in numerology for 50 years and is best known for his numerology software programs and reports.

Numerology in the Digital Age

In 1982, Hans developed the renowned DecozChart, a numerology charting system which artistically displays every number and cycle in an individual’s profile.


A software version was created in 1987. The chart’s beautifully designed layout is placed on a single page, visually capturing the many cycles an individual may experience during any 50-year period.

Today, the DecozCharting system is used by professional numerologists worldwide.

In 1984, Hans began working on a numerology software program that would produce a complete numerology report. Released in 1987, it was the first numerology program capable of producing a truly comprehensive individual report. The Personality Profile and Yearly Forecast were the first reports released in this format.


Over the following 10 years, Decoz continued to work on other report types, writing text files and creating the algorithms for the Numerology Relationship Compatibility reports, Talent Profile, Name Analyzer, Inner Reflection Reading, the Diamond Spirit Guide and several others. His reports are available from a range of websites, including tarot.com, numerology.com, numerologist.com, astrology-numerology.com, celebreties-galore.com, tokenrock.com, and many others.

Decoz Charting System

Numerology Chart for John Lennon

A popular charting system developed by Decoz in 1982.

A Game Changer

Since 2010, Hans has worked on expanding and improving the reports dramatically, focusing not only on adding additional chapters and aspects, but also on how numbers and cycles in an individual’s chart interact and influence each other; a logistical challenge that took the better part of a decade and is unique to Decoz’ reports. These “Next Generation” numerology reports are today only available through Sell Numerology Reports and the highly successful app, the World Numerology Collection, also by Decoz (iTunes and Google Play).

An Opportunity!

Sell Numerology Reports has now created a sophisticated, fully automated server-side program that allows any website to offer Decoz’ reports directly from their sites. The revenue split is generous and our customer service – to the end users as well as the site owners – is 2nd to none.

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The book Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self, by Hans Decoz

Hans Decoz is the author of Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Your Numbers of Destiny, published in 1994 by Avery Publishing (now Pedigee). Get it on amazon.


It has been translated in Russian, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Mandarin. A Japanese translation should be available soon.